Investing in startups involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. These investments are targeted solely at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make their own investment decisions.
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For Investors

For your protection when you invest for the first time you will need to answer a number of questions. These are necessarily lengthy as they are designed to establish that you understand the risks of this form of investment and that this level of risk is appropriate for your investment strategy. Once you are a shareholder subsequent investments do not require this process.
Making an investment is simple: you just enter your details into the direct debit provider, Go Cardless and commit to the investment online. For your investment you will always own shares in the business in which you have invested, we will use our own administration team or David Venus & Company ltd to send you your Share Certifcate and maintain the share register.
If the start-up receives 100% or more of the money it's seeking, (Ice Dragons specialises in raising funds for start up companies seeking seed funding of around £100,000 raised over a 3 month period) we'll conduct some further legal due diligence and after notifying you by e-mail that the investment is proceeding, we organise the companies shares on your behalf and the amount you committed to invest via the Go Cardless direct debit is then transfered to the business.
There is no charge to you for investing from Ice Dragons and a there is a small transaction fee from Go Cardless of 0.5% of the monies you invest in an entrepreneur;  We do however make a charge to the entrepreneur for the use of our site to raise money. This is 6% of the sum raised. 
If the start-up doesn't receive the full amount, you'll receive a message to that effect and no money will be taken from your Go Cardless account. Why don’t we take your money and invest anyway? The power of crowd funding is based on the wisdom of the crowd. By committing money, the crowd of Dragons are saying that they understand what the entrepreneur is trying to achieve and believe in the individuals involved and the business concept. If the money isn’t raised then the Dragons are effectively giving the thumbs down, often for valid and sensible business reasons.
We use Go Cardless services for transactions and so Ice Dragons will never hold your bank account details. Money goes from your account to the Entreprenuers business account only after we have established that your share certificates have been preparred.
Warning - All investments are entered into at the sole risk of you, (the investor) based on your understanding and review of the business in which you have chosen to invest. Ice Dragons have not provided advice and does not make personal recommendations, the contents of the website are for information purposes only’
Please see the risk warnings in this document and as part of the registration process.
Risk Warning - You should not invest in the equity of a business on this site unless you are prepared to sustain a total loss of the money you have invested.
You will receive your allotted shares from our administration team or 3rd party provider (such as David Venus & Company Ltd) who are expert in the administration of share registers.  Please notify us through your investment page of any change in your address so that we may update our records
Payments to you
Whenever money is paid as a dividend the company will pass the whole amount to you. When the company enjoys a successful sale of its shares, to the extent the consideration you receive for your shares exceeds the amount you originally invested in the Entrepreneur, we shall charge you an amount equal to 10% of any profit you make (e.g. if you invest £10,000 in an Entrepreneur and go on to sell you shares for £15,000 (being a profit of £5,000), the fee we shall charge you will be £500, being an amount equal to 10% of the £5,000 profit you made on your investment).
How are the companies selected?
Identifying a potentially successful young business is not an exact science; it is based on a multitude of interdependent parameters and a degree of subjectivity. We undertake some basic checks, to make sure the company is genuine, properly registered, and that the directors are who they say they are. Secretary/director reports and anti-money laundering checks are undertaken on each director with identity validation, an HM Treasury sanctions check and check against politically exposed persons database.

How much could I loose?

All of your investment, but you can never be liable for more than the sum you have invested. Always diversify your investment across a range of start-ups and invest only what you are prepared to lose without affecting your standard of living.
What do I get in return?
Returns can come from two sources:
· Dividends that may be paid each year by the company (at the beginning of trading it is normal that any resulting surplus is re-invested in the business so dividends are rare in the early stages),
· and secondly a share in the capital gain on the resale of all or part of the company in question, to a third party purchaser.
Do not expect a quick return from the sale of shares, because of the businesses that survive and flourish, most will take 5 years to achieve real value and we cannot force the owners to sell.
Why invest in risky start-ups?
Because whilst a high proportion of start ups fail, for those that do succeed it is in the early years of a business that most value is created, it is well established that innovation is the key driver of growth and wealth creation. Young companies largely drive this innovation.
Aims of the site

As youth unemployment soars, economic growth is vital to reverse this trend. A potential source of such growth is through the encouragement of entrepreneurs to develop a new generation of business ideas and technologies. However they cannot flourish if the necessary seed capital is not readily available. A Federation of Small Businesses survey revealed that in 2007, 4% of small businesses received outright funding request rejections from banks, jumping to 27% in 2011. Those that received the full amount of borrowing requested dropped from 85% to 58%.  The aim of Ice Dragons is to raise money to support entrepreneurs who in turn create employment and increased wealth for themselves and their investors.

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